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    House Cleaning: The Gabe Toro Situation

    For a period of about a year, one of the most significant contributors to our podcast was film critic Gabe Toro.  From 2012-2013, he must have appeared on every other show.  I always brought him back because I felt he made a significant and entertaining contribution to those shows.  He was popular, not just with us, but with our audience.

    Then he pretty much vanished off the face of the internet.  I was often asked if we would get him back on the show at some point, or at least just find out what happened to him.

    A few months ago, I was contacted by a party close to Gabe who informed me that he was in jail for some sort of "misunderstanding" and no charges had yet been filed.  I didn't press the matter, nor did I communicate it to anyone.  It was just hearsay at that point.

    On Friday I was pointed to an article out of a local Philadelphia news site confirming that Gabe Toro had pled guilty to online enticement of a minor to engage in criminal sexual conduct and was facing ten years in prison. 

    At that time, I could find no other sites that had picked this up.  Nobody was talking about it on Twitter.  I had to make a decision on how I would address this.  I was not going to broadcast it from the high mountain of twitter.  I had planned to open our next episode of the podcast with a personal message to you, our loyal listeners, explaining the situation.  I felt that, since our viewership is fairly small and contained, that it would spread only to those who knew of Gabe.

    Of course, that is now impossible since it has been picked up on other news outlets and is spreading as these things tend to do.  So now, I will simply post my thoughts here and allow you a platform to do the same.

    Firstly, whatever we are feeling right now (and I haven't come up with a word for it yet) should pale in insignificance compared to the feelings of those directly involved with the case.

    As I said, we have a large backlog of shows which Gabe guest starred on.  They now feel tainted in some way.  I don't know if I will ever be able to enjoy them again.  If you feel the same way, that is perfectly understandable.

    What I am not going to do is erase them and try to pretend like they never happened.  That is not how I do things.  You may feel that is the wrong decision.  That is fair comment.

    I only have one other thing to say.  It is tempting at a time like this to give up on people, to think you cannot trust people, to feel that you never truly know people.  I understand that, but that's not the way I operate.  I still trust my friends, I believe in my friends, I still love my friends.

    I just lost one of them this week.


    Movie Moan 2015: Episode 5- Tales Of Science Fiction & Fantasy

    This will be the last Movie Moan until April 10th.  I am going into cryogenic sleep and will not awake until I am able to watch 'Daredevil' on Netflix.  Ok, that's not true.

    Classic Movie Moan
    Jamie and Phil are honoured to be joined by producer, director, master of the arts and fine maker of Star Trek: The Generation Blu Rays, Roger Lay Jr.  We kick the show right off with a lament on the state of science fiction cinema and the hope that Hollywood starts diving into those pulp sci fi books to find divine inspiration for their next projects very soon (5:15).

    Then we give our three cents on the status of the 'Alien 5' project and just how aggrieved should we feel if we dare to like 'Alien 3' or even 'Alien: Resurrection' but Neil Bloomkamp tells us they don't exist (16:42).

    Finally, Roger tells us, with the mammoth task of completing Star Trek: The Next Generation on Blu Ray behind him, what other projects he is working on.  Is 'Toy Masters' (the documentary about who really created 'He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe') finally coming out?  (38:11)

    Marveling At The Future
    Spencer and Phil are counting down the days till 'Daredevil' premieres on Netflix.  The only way to pass the time is for us to dream ahead and imagine exactly how we want the show to play out, a dream way beyond 'The Defenders'.

    So join us as we map out an epic 7 season story plan for the man without fear, resulting in a television series which will do full justice to Matt Murdock and effectively tell every story worth telling in the 50 years he's been with us in comics (53:23).

    Cinematic Happy Comfort Food
    It's a slippery slope to do remakes but, as promised, we have overhauled our discussion on Ridley Scott's 'Legend' in high definition so we can appreciate the film in all its beauty, and you can appreciate our discussion in, hopefully, the same way.  Or just worship at the altar of Tim Curry's performance.  Your choice (1:50:45).

    Don't just watch the video version above.  Play the podcast via Soundcloud or download the MP3 version right here:    


    Movie Moan 2015: Episode 4 - I Heard It Was A Bit Rude

    Alright, let's get this over with :)

    Classic Movie Moan
    Phil and Jamie are joined by  Matt Thompson, all of whom saw 'Fifty Shades Of Grey', though only one of them saw it on a date.  Try and guess which one.  And a bonus point if you can figure out which one of the three only made it to the first hour of the movie before becoming comatose.  And two bonus points if you can tell us why the line "I'm fifty shades of fucked up" had to be uttered in the film (4:28).

    To make us feel manly again, Matt has the scoop, and the script, for 'Mission Impossible 5'.  We had this conversation before the recent news about the reshoots but, trust us, it needs them.  Based on what Matt tells us, it REALLY needs them (31:30).

    Marveling At The Future
    Phil and Spencer Perry are joined by special guest, also from the Coming family, Mr Edward Douglas as we, though late to the party, ask and answer all the important questions relating surely the biggest piece of entertainment news that will hit this year - Spider-man's entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (55:25).

    Do we still care about the character?  Does the audience care, regardless of the studio that makes the film?  Will a secret identity reveal in 'Captain America: Civil War' ruin the series before it starts?  What do we want the solo movie to be?  What's the title?  Should we be pissed off that all those other Phase 3 movies have been delayed?  Why did Marvel Studios agree to the deal?  Will we have to deal with bloody Symbiotes again?

    And we just have time at the end for a special announcement of another video coming your way very shortly on Movie Moan TV (1:44:42).

    Don't just watch the video version above.  Play the podcast via Soundcloud or download the MP3 version right here:    


    Movie Moan Special - The Ultimate Bond-A-Thon


    You asked for it. Here it is.

    Every half hour discussion Jamie and I did on every official James Bond film from 1962 to 2002, from 'Dr. No' to 'Die Another Day', is now available in audio form.

    Just listen in spats. You'll be fine. Or use the time stamps I've prepared for you.

    Part 1:

    Dr. No - 1:56 mins
    From Russia With Love - 26:26 mins (a little audio distortion on this one - apologies)
    Goldfinger - 52:52 mins
    Thunderball - 1:14:02 mins
    You Only Live Twice - 1:32:55 mins
    On Her Majesty's Secret Service - 1:51:39 mins
    Diamonds Are Forever - 2:16:07 mins
    Live And Let Die - 2:34:12 mins
    The Man With The Golden Gun - 2:59:24 mins
    The Spy Who Loved Me - 3:23:05 mins

    Part 2:

    Moonraker - 1:55 mins
    For Your Eyes Only - 23:36 mins
    Octopussy - 45:34 mins
    A View To A Kill - 1:07:26 mins
    The Living Daylights - 1:32:14 mins
    License To Kill - 1:59:00 mins
    Goldeneye - 2:20:04 mins
    Tomorrow Never Dies - 2:45:38 mins
    The World Is Not Enough - 3:06:48 mins
    Die Another Day - 3:29:40 mins


    Movie Moan 2015: Episode 3 - A Little Ronery

    Phil's on his own this week.  Please join him so he doesn't get lonely...

    Classic Movie Moan
    Phil thought that his film universe would stay in harmony but that depends on certain factors, including the fact that he will always enjoy a movie made by the Wachowski's, however divisive it may be.  That is no longer the case and Phil is here to ramble for 40 god damn minutes and tell you why 'Jupiter Ascending' really is the worst film they've ever made (5:38).

    Marveling At The Future
    Spencer Perry and Phil Gee are a little late to the party on that trailer for Josh Trank's 'The Fantastic Four', but that doesn't mean our opinion doesn't count right (47:44)?  After that, we delve into the realm of R rated comic book properties, and whether they need to be R rated films in order to succeed as quality pieces of entertainment.  We ask the question 'what do you do with The Punisher?' (52:56), and the equally probing 'does Deadpool have to be R rated?' (1:15:12)

    Cinematic Happy Comfort Food

    The awesome Capt. Ed Hocken joins Phil to talk about one of the films he always pulls off the DVD shelf to fill that cinema sweet spot; 'L.A Confidential' from 1997 (1:30:06).

    Don't just watch the video version above.  Play the podcast via Soundcloud or download the MP3 version right here: