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    Movie Moan 2015: Episode 12 - Jurassic Waste


    Classic Movie Moan
    Phil, Jamie and Matt have quite a clash of opinions on the mega box office behemoth 'Jurassic World'.  One is utterly disappointed, one thinks it's ok, one is indifferent.  The only thing we can agree on is that Phil won't be getting a point for this round of the box office predictions game (5:10).

    'Terminator: JennYsissies' is soooooooo close folks.  One last chance for us to make some cheap Arnold parenting jokes before we see it. (32:13)

    On a more positive note, Matt has seen Pixar's latest 'Inside Out' and he's got good news for all of us (38:02).

    Memo To The Executives
    It's the second part of our look at how to turn 'Mass Effect' into a really good film.  Don't worry folks, we'll only take an hour of your time (45:33).

    Cinematic Happy Comfort Food
    It's finally Jamie's turn to pull a classic movie off the shelf and tell us why it's worth grabbing whenever you need that sweet spot filled.  So let us take you into the filth and decay of The Dark Ages as we explore the birth, life and death in one 140 minute flawed masterpiece of filmmaking; 'Excalibur' (1981) (1:45:50).

    Don't just watch the video version above.  Play the podcast via Soundcloud or download the MP3 version right here:


    Movie Moan 2015: Episode 11 - Luke Skywalker's Prostate Exam

    If Jamie has his way, that will be the next title announcement for Star Wars Anthology.  But then, Jamie is sick in the head.  Let's get to the show:

    Classic Movie Moan
    Phil and Jamie are re-united with TMT's box office correspondent Jen Mayhew to review Brad Bird's 'Tomorrowland'.  Phil doesn't want to discuss it any more after this week.  It's too painful (6:50).

    On a higher note, Phil has finally seen 'The Death Of Superman Lives: What Happened?'.  More than that, Phil can confidently say the documentary makes you feel like you have seen the lost film itself.  Maybe we can do a Supermoan on it at some point (47:08).

    Memo To The Executives
    Phil and Matt Thompson, two of the most passionate fans you will ever meet of the video game series 'Mass Effect' (fighting words I know), band together to pitch to you how you could honest to God make it into, not only a terrific film series, but also a very progressive one in terms of its attitude to sex and sexism.  Heck, if we just end up with a good videogame movie, that will be progress (1:11:44).

    Cinematic Happy Comfort Food
    In tribute to the retirement of legendary make-up artist Rick Baker, Phil and Spencer Perry band together to discuss one of Spencer's favourite films - 'An American Werewolf In London' (2:08:23).

    Don't just watch the video version above.  Play the podcast via Soundcloud or download the MP3 version right here:


    Movie Moan 2015: Episode 10 - Immortan Joe Reminds Me Of Wall-E

    'Mad Max: Fury Road' is good enough to make you think of all kinds of cinema's great films, even ones you wouldn't think of.  And if Jamie sees the spitting image of adorable Pixar robot Wall-E within tyrannical and wart infested apocalyptic despot Immortan Joe then who's to say otherwise?

    Classic Movie Moan
    Yeah, we liked 'Mad Max: Fury Road'.  We liked it a lot (4:22).

    Marveling At The Future
    Phil and Spencer are joined by special guest star Elisabeth Rappe to finally discuss the epic battle between next year's two comic book movie heavy hitters; movies that, we forget, were supposed to come out on the same day at one point.  We talk about how, when we really go through all the potential directions that the story can go, 'Captain America: Civil War' has a better chance of working than Avengers 2 ever did (45:38).

    Then, in order to give DC equal treatment, we finally cast our eye to the teaser trailer for 'Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice' and figure out if this film can really work, and perhaps learn from the mistakes of......y'know, that film from a few weeks ago (1:29:24).

    Cinematic Happy Comfort Food
    Edward Douglas joins Phil to discuss 'A Clockwork Orange', the funniest, warmest, most human film Stanley Kubrick ever made (2:00:35).

    Don't just watch the video version above.  Play the podcast via Soundcloud or download the MP3 version right here:


    Movie Moan 2015: Episode 9 - Avengers On Ice

    I can't believe Jamie brought up the bloody 'Grandpa Joe is a lazy sob' debate again.

    That's just one of the treats in store on this week's epic show where Phil Gee, Jamie Williams, Spencer Perry and Matt Thompson assemble to discuss if we're just going to roll over and become slaves to Disney's pummelling onslaught of similarly packaged films.........or decide we've grown up.

    But first, a warm and fuzzy conversation on laserdisc collecting, respect for original cinema poster artwork and the awesomeness of Shout Factory (4:09).

    Classic Movie Moan
    Phil, Jamie and Matt discuss Disney's recently announced slate of event films from 2015 all the way to Summer 2017; we cover the Star Wars films, the Pixar films, the live action remakes of their classic animated pictures, the new and hoping to be classic animated films, and, yes, more bloody Pirates Of The Caribbean.

    Are we looking at the biggest films of the next few years?  Will all these films get made?  Will they be any good?  Let's find out (15:22).

    Marveling At The Future
    We review 'Avengers: Age Of Ultron'.  Phil enjoyed it less than Jamie.  You may now gasp (1:51:41).

    Don't just watch the video version above.  Play the podcast via Soundcloud or download the MP3 version right here:    


    Movie Moan 2015: Episode 8 - The Podcast Without Fear

    Welcome one and welcome all to our epic three hour breakdown of the greatest gift anyone has ever given a Marvel fan - a 13 episode Daredevil TV show; a show which has the luxury of exploring all the diverse themes of its comic counterpart and creating a definite, self contained story to do it with, but is also laced with the most creative, bonerific, and sometimes unbelievably obscure Easter eggs to blow the mind of even the most hard-core fan.

    Phil Gee discusses the themes, Spencer Perry spots the Easter eggs.  Let's get to work.

    If you want to skip to our discussion on a specific episode, we have time coded it for your convenience:

    1.  Into The Ring - 27:09
    2.  Cut-Man - 46:32
    3.  Rabbit In A Snowstorm - 1:02:32
    4.  In The Blood - 1:15:48
    5.  World On Fire - 1:23:10
    6.  Condemned - 1:29:05
    7.  Stick - 1:35:45
    8.  Shadow In The Glass - 1:47:56
    9.  Speak Of The Devil - 1:58:49
    10.  Nelson V Murdock - 2:05:42
    11.  Path Of The Righteous - 2:13:25
    12.  What We Leave Behind - 2:21:38
    13.  Daredevil - 2:29:53

    Don't just watch the video version above.  Play the podcast via Soundcloud or download the MP3 version right here: