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    Movie Moan: Always Looking For A Fight

    It was a slim week for news but it's funny how some Batman chat can stretch the show to an hour.

    In this week's show, we each offer an opinion on the news gleamed from the recent Empire magazine exclusive on 'The Dark Knight Rises' regarding the eight year gap between the film and its predecessor, as well as what's really pumping through Bane's innards.

    We also react to the news that Q will be re-entering the James Bond family courtosey of actor Ben Wishaw and how, even though Jamie doesn't like the idea, it doesn't matter anymore because that's what we're getting.

    Ed Hocken reviews the latest from David Cronenberg, 'A Dangerous Method' (a discussion Phil promptly sabotages before it can get too serious), plus Jamie and Kristina report back on the eagerly anticipated 'The Muppets'.

    Finally, in tribute to the passing of Steve Jobs, Ed's 'moan of the week' is the TV movie documenting his and Bill Gates life, 'Pirates Of Silicon Valley'.

    Reader Comments (1)

    The best thing is just to do a different story for Batman that has nothing to do with Nolanverse after The Dark Knight Rises. Can't wait for Dark Knight Rises!


    12-4-2011 | Unregistered CommenterA2THEH

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